We've had enough Pokémon game releases to know the drill for The Pokémon Company's marketing strategies - gradual reveals make their debut in Japan throughout the year, which pick up a lot of steam online and culminate in formal localised announcements. Part of the thrill is in the teasing, after all.

CoroCoro Magazine is at the core of this pattern, and it'll be giving Pokémon Sun and Moon plenty of focus in the coming months. This month's issue had been known to address the 3DS games - thanks, Serebii - but has opted for a tease, promising a big scoop in its May issue. For now we get a tease on the cover art being part of the future reveal, and the knowledge that we have around a month to wait for some exciting details.

Sun and Moon.png
Image: Serebii

The issue wasn't without interesting Pokémon details, however. A new Pokémon arcade machine, Pokémon Ga-Olé, will roll out in Japan - it gobbles up tokens, which could cost eager fans quite a lot of Yen.

Image: Serebii

Finally there are more details on the mythical Pokémon Magiana, which will feature prominently in the upcoming movie - Volcanion and the Exquisite Magiana. This mysterious man-made 'mon will be a Steel/Fairy-type Pokémon.

There were some interesting Pokémon details, then, even if we're kept waiting for a blow-out on Sun and Moon.

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