We've don't exactly hide our fondness for Good Smile's Nendoroid collectibles here on Nintendo Life, and there's now a new figure up for pre-order - this time around it's Zelda from Wind Waker.

As expected the figure comes with multiple poses and an optional weapon (a bow and light arrow), and also comes with extras in the form of a Master Sword and Mirror Shield that are compatible with the Nendoroid Link. Pre-orders are open from now until 11th May, with this figure setting you back roughly $48.99 before tax in US dollars; yes, these are pricey collectibles.

In any case details are on the official website, with the orders due to be sent out in October. Even if you're not going to buy one you can gawk at its awesomeness in the promotional images below.

Zelda Nendoroid.jpg
Zelda Nendoroid2.jpg
Zelda Nendoroid3.jpg
Zelda Nendoroid4.jpg
Zelda Nendoroid5.jpg

[source goodsmile.info]