Geeks-Line's N64 Anthology has 17 days remaining on its Kickstarter campaign and has raised 45,000 Euros of its 50,000 Euro target so far. If you needed convincing that this is a project worth backing, then cast your eyes on the exclusive interview excerpt we've been granted below.

It's a chat with the one and only Martin Hollis, director on the seminal GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark. In the piece, Hollis recounts how he became involved with the game, the challenges of working on the N64 hardware and the elements which had to be left on the cutting room floor. The interview isn't complete - you'll have to wait for the actual book to read the whole thing - but Geeks-Line has been kind enough to give us some other sample pages as well.

Click the images to see the full-res version.


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