Gunslugs 2, developed by Orangepixel and ported / published on 3DS by Engine Software, is a fun and action-packed download title. Of course, no prizes are given for figuring out that it has a predecessor yet to arrive on 3DS - well, that's going to be fixed as Gunslugs is heading to the portable.

And the lovely Nintendo Life community helped to make it happen thanks to its enthusiasm for the first release. When we interviewed the developers and asked about the first game on 3DS they suggested a poll to see if fans were interested; we obliged and the majority of voters gave the idea a thumbs up. Engine Software's Ivo Wubbels told us the following when confirming that the game is targeting a late May release (though it's still 'TBD') and will have a price tag of €1.99 / $1.99.

When we created Gunslugs 2 for 3DS we did a quick interview with Nintendo Life about the game. One of the topics in that interview was: will Gunslugs 1 also come to eShop? And the answer is: yes! We decided to do so based on this interview!

We posed a few questions to Wubbels to learn a little more, and he explained the reasoning behind the release and confirmed the inclusion of online leaderboards, which had been in demand from fans.

Has Gunslugs 2 been well received on the 3DS eShop?

If we got negative feedback on the game we wouldn't have released the prequel!

How important has fan feedback been in bringing Gunslugs 1 to 3DS?

It has been the most important factor, we got some feedback and decided to work on this feedback in the prequel, eg people asked for online rankings. Also it seems people love the genre but want a low price point, like you see on mobile. So we thought it would be a good idea to release the first game for a very interesting low price point.

What differences can fans expect to see between Gunslugs 1 and 2?

Some has been answered above. The games are of course similar in genre but still play different, eg in Gunslugs 1 players have more health, so can play more freely and take more damage. Its a great game to just play whenever you have some spare minutes.

You can see some screen art below - albeit not at the native 3DS resolution - to get a sense of what it's all about. You can also catch up on what the sequel has to offer in our Gunslugs 2 review.

Is this on your radar for the 3DS eShop?