"Pretty please?"

Bravely Default and it sequel Bravely Second are considered to be two of the 3DS console's most appealing RPGs, and have been warmly recieved by fans and critics alike.

When a franchise becomes popular it's only natural for publishers to look at expanding it on other formats, and in an interview with Game Informer, Square Enix co-producer Masashi Takahashi stated that he would personally love to see the RPG appear on home consoles:

GI: Is the team eager to take the Bravely series to future hardware? Is it viewed as a handheld series, or is there any possibility that it could branch out to consoles at some point?

MT: Unfortunately, I can't make any official promises, but Bravely Default was the first RPG I worked on since joining Square Enix, and the series has grown very near and dear to my heart. Personally speaking, I'd love to see it happen. I'd also like to offer my heartfelt thanks to all of you around the world who have played and loved the Bravely series. For me, there is no greater happiness than to be able to join with you to make the world of games even more fun.

Given the scope of the series, it makes sense that it would move over to consoles next - especially when you consider that current Nintendo NX rumours would suggest that when the 3DS is eventually put out to pasture, there won't be a "dedicated" handheld console - and therefore no platform for the Bravely series to continue on.

Would you like to see the franchise continue on home consoles or do you feel it is better suited to handhelds? Could we see it move over to smartphones in the potential absence of a dedicatred handheld market? Let us know by posting a comment.

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