Not quite 1000

Miitomo launches today in the west, and one of the big questions users have regarding this unique social networking app relates to the number of friends you're allowed.

Other networks like Twitter and Facebook place no limit on the amount of contacts you can add to your profile, and as a result these services become quite hard to manage over time.

Nintendo has taken the decision to limit Miitomo's friends list to 1000 people - that's still quite a lot when you think about it, and should ensure that you still have the chance to get to know a least some of those individuals.

Amazingly, some people have already reached the limit:

What do you think of this limit? Do you think you'll ever reach it yourself? Let us know by posting a comment.

What do you think about the 1000 friends limit on Miitomo? (209 votes)

  1. I'll fill that pretty quickly, I'd like to have more than 1000 friends on Miitomo2%
  2. I'll never get anywhere near that number, so it's fine with me70%
  3. I probably won't get 1000 friends, but I think the limit isn't needed18%
  4. I don't plan on using Miitomo so it makes no difference to me10%

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