Twisted Fusion.png

Way back in Spring 2014 Twisted Fusion was one of a number of eShop projects that was successfully funded on Kickstarter. The work of Leuvsion - a studio led by UK-based developer Lewis Pugh - it's an ambitious "open platformer" in which players can tackle the adventure alone or with up to five co-op buddies. There's monster hunting and breeding, loot collecting and plenty besides that highlights the gameplay depth being targeted here - it's going to be a Wii U exclusive, too.

In a neat move the developer has launched a public beta in which you can play the game - in its current state - in your web browser. There are different links for a single screen version (rather like Off-TV play) or a dual-screen version that shows the implementation of the GamePad with the TV. You can check out the full details and links on the Kickstarter page.

Twisted Fusion2.png

Having briefly tried this prior to publication we can confirm the beta works, but you may need to be patient as it takes a short while to load; the music while you wait is rather marvellous, though.

Check it out and let us (and more importantly the developer) know what you think.