ClayFighter is one of those series which can hardly be deemed classic, but the popularity of fighting games back in the '90s ensured that it sold pretty well, despite not being that much fun to play.

However, by the time the N64 rolled around, the genre was on the wane and following the rather disappointing ClayFighter 63⅓, publisher Interplay decided that the updated version - known as the Sculptor's Cut - would be exclusive to video rental chain Blockbuster rather than a fully-fledged retail release.

That version has now become one of the rarest games on the system - not that iRetrogamer.com's then 12-year-old Tyler Esposito was aware of that when he nefariously decided to swap his copy of Clayfighter 63⅓ for his local Blockbusters' Sculptor's Cut cartridge.

That's right - Esposito did the "old switcheroo" and exchanged the older edition for the rental exclusive. As you can see from the video below, he clearly feels some remorse for his actions, and at the time believed he could even spend a night in jail.

However, he got away with it and still owns the cartridge - which is now worth around $300 to $400 - but if you were feeling kind you could argue that he didn't steal the whole game, but just the "extras" which constituted the Sculptor's Cut. Now if he'd only have gotten the manual as well...