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The Wii was revolutionary in that it introduced the mainstream gaming market to motion controls and the concept of "keeping fit" through gameplay. However, it was by no means the first gaming platform to achieve this - in 2004, Japanese firm SSD Company Limited released the XaviX Port alongside a range of sports-focused titles which used wireless, motion-sensitive controllers to engage the player.

While it has since passed into obscurity, the XaviX Port recieved a release in North America, where it initially retailed for $79.99. The games released for the platform covered sporting events like bowling, tennis, golf and baseball (sound familiar?) and Chinese movie star Jackie Chan saw fit to support the console with the J-Mat peripheral and PowerBoxing, which came with a set of boxing gloves.

While the XaviX Port clearly has its limitations, it was nevertheless quite an impressive device for its time - and managed to beat Nintendo to the whole "gaming fitness" concept. For a more enlightening illustration of the system's capabilities, check out this video from Game Dave, which - we should warn you - also includes excessive exercise and questionable impressions of famous Chinese actors.