We love Super Mario Maker. We love free stuff. So the regular Event Courses and unlockable Mystery Mushroom outfits are a nice treat. We don't necessarily mind that some are Japanese characters we haven't really heard of, because they look cool and they cost us nothing.

Yet still, the latest outfit seems to recognise that ideas are running short. We have the Mashiko / Mary O (geddit?!) outfit next - in case you weren't aware that's the telesales lady (why else would she wear that headset?) that acts as a guide in the game's manual. Towards the end of her introduction video she realises how her arrival represents a tipping point of ideas running out and hurls herself into the depths. It's quite grisly and disturbing, actually.

If ideas are running out for these outfits we have a proposal. How about the 'Cucco Dancing Aonuma' for the 30th Anniversary of the Zelda franchise?

Heck, we'd pay for that one.