This 7th Dragon III Code: VFD launch edition is rather nice
Image: SEGA

Some games have a concept that suggests they had a light-hearted pre-production meeting with the agenda of 'thinking of really cool things'. We suspect the pitch meeting for 7th Dragon III Code: VFD on 3DS was one of these, as it's all about time-travelling through fantastical locations to fight dragons, or something along those lines.

It adds to the long list of enticing RPGs on the 3DS, and SEGA is currently highlighting the three locations you travel to in the game, including the 'present-day' Tokyo being in 2100, because why not?

Present-day Tokyo - The year 2100 in Tokyo is your first stop in the game. The city is an urban jungle filled with hazardous areas like the subway line and landmark giant tower. However, if you need to take a breather from hunting dragons, Nodens Enterprises HQ is located here.

Ancient Atlantis - So naturally, you'll depart Tokyo and step back in time to the mythical ocean kingdom of Atlantis. Be warned, the capital city of Atlantica, royal palace, and Cladeon lower wards are rife with danger. Oh, but the blacksmiths of Atlantis are renowned for forging great weapons, so definitely worth a visit.

Futuristic Eden - The futuristic collection of states known as Eden will be the last time and place you'll explore. You can visit the Kazan Republic, the ruins of Preloma, or brave the mysteries of the sealed tower. However, it would be wise to remain vigilant as dragons and enemies haunt your every step. The future is definitely bleak, so don't be surprised if some people from that time period are sympathetic to your cause.

Due out in the Americas this Summer for $39.99/CA$54.99, this looks like another one to watch closely. Check out the latest trailer below.