Lookin' good

Miitomo has launched in Japan, and we've already given you hands-on impressions and showed how to install the game elsewhere in the world. Now, it's the turn of Nintendo - via its shiny new Nintendo Mobile YouTube channel - to explain why you should be excited about this unique social platform.

A launch trailer for the app has been published in several different languages, and attempts to illustrate the finer details of how it works, from creating your Mii to posing questions to your friends and even sharing photos and images.

The fact that Nintendo has posted these trailers on a channel focused entirely on mobile games shows how serious the firm is about entering this new arena - expect to see more videos for Miitomo and Nintendo's other (as yet unannounced) mobile titles in the near future.

Have a watch and let us know if you're excited about Miitomo hitting your region soon.