Considering the fact Nintendo's already done the whole 'HD remaster' thing twice with The Legend of Zelda games, it seems rather optimistic to wish for the same treatment for Ocarina of Time, especially as it's already had an excellent 3D remaster. As the real deal seems so unlikely we have to rely on skilful and dedicated fans to show how OoT HD could look, and plenty have done just that.

Unreal Engine 4 is a popular tool with enthusiasts that like to recreate this classic adventure in HD, and YouTuber CryZENx continue to up their game with the engine. Just recently they shared a recreation of the opening scene in A Link to the Past, but has also often tackled the legendary N64 game - their recreation of the Master Sword scene earlier this year was memorable.

In the past week some fresh videos have been posted showing progress in recreating more of the game. First up was a concept demo showing the Z-targeting in action, as this creator is clearly working on gameplay in addition to handsome environments.

Next up is a video marked 'work in progress' portraying the battle with Dark Link; the enemy AI isn't functioning fully, but the environment is eye catching.

Finally there's a handsome exploration of the Death Mountain Crater; yes, there are a lot of particle effects.

It's nice to gaze upon these HD recreations and imagine playing the entire game with those visuals; whether that'll ever come from Nintendo is rather doubtful, but we can hope it'll happen eventually.