The UK chart results for last week have emerged, and in the absence of any knockout new releases for Nintendo - though next week will include Pokkén Tournament - the focus has been on momentum for key titles.

Namely, we're referring to The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, which had an impressive debut week in the UK. Following that launch in second spot for the all-format results it's fallen down to 9th this week, with a drop of 84% in sales. The size of that drop - while remaining in the top 10 - shows that launch sales were pleasingly high, while also reinforcing the trend that Wii U fans often dive in early with major new releases on the system.

Further down the charts we have Pokemon titles holding the fort for 3DS. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are in 33rd and 37th place respectively, with Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon splitting them up in 35th place.

One new release that struggled to have a notable impact in the UK is Stella Glow; it was only able to secure 12th place in the 3DS-only chart following its launch.

Some relatively predictable results, in terms of Twilight Princess HD losing a high percentage of sales, but in holding a top 10 place despite that drop it's shown that its launch results were not to be sniffed at.