Hoverboards or Jetpacks?

Earlier this week, a fairly substantial update for Splatoon went out, making numerous changes to several different aspects of the game. One of the things that was overhauled with this update was how Splatfests will be conducted; basically, 'Splatfest Power' will now more closely tie in with the rank of individual players on a team, and is more susceptible to wins and losses. Fortunately, Europeans will soon get a chance to see what this looks like in action, as the next Splatfest for the region has just been announced.

The news came via Nintendo of Europe's Twitter account, where it was revealed that the Splatfest will be between whether hoverboards or jetpacks are the superior form of travel. Naturally, this isn't quite as cool as the Pokémon Splatfest that happened a few weeks ago, but it will nonetheless be fascinating to see how it pans out, especially considering the new Splatfest rules. Here's the tweet:

What do you think? Which side will you take? What do you think of the changes made in the latest update? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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