Star Fox Zero contains a lot of references and throwbacks to iconic past entries. Whether on-the-nose goodies like the 16-bit Arwing that can be unlocked with a Fox amiibo, or the strikingly familiar opening cutscene, it's sure to bring back a lot of memories while also introducing the series to a new audience.

There's a sense of familiarity in the stage names, too, which have popped up on the official Japanese website. You can see them below (thanks, Perfectly Nintendo), and for giggles we've quickly checked our copy of Star Fox 64 3D and put the equivalent stage names, where applicable, in brackets.

  • Planet Corneria (Corneria)
  • Meteo α (Meteo)
  • Area 3
  • Planet Zoness (Zoness)
  • Sector β
  • Titania (Titania)
  • Sector γ (Sector Y)
  • Planet Fichina
  • Planet Fortuna (Fortuna)
  • Sector Ω
  • Venom (Venom)

Of course, these may not be all the stages in the game. As Nintendo's made clear there will be hidden paths to find and alternate routes to take.

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