Pokkén Tournament punishes rage quitters, Eurogamer has reported. Dropping out of a match in an attempt to avoid a "loss" being registered on your record costs you some of your precious Poké Gold.

The game even goes as far as to warn you of the consequences of rage quitting before you venture online.

The news follows criticism of Capcom for not taking including a similar feature in the recently-released Street Fighter V. The PS4 exclusive still doesn't take automatic action against rage quitters - any match which ends early due to a player disconnecting essentially never happened, at least in the eyes of the game's servers.


Players have been abusing this feature to maintain winning streaks. Capcom has taken against 30 such individuals, including a Japanese player who was top of the rankings until he was unceremoniously stripped of his League Points. That same player has since fought his way back to the top without resorting to rage quitting.

It's therefore somewhat amusing that Pokkén Tournament - which has arguably attracted less attention from fighting fans due to the fact it's on the Wii U and is based on the Pokémon series - manages to get this element right while seasoned veteran Capcom doesn't.

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