Pentapuzzle was a puzzle game released by RCMADIAX for the Wii U eShop last March, centered around the concept of fitting different pentomino blocks together inside a grid. We rather liked the idea of the game, though it did feel somewhat unfinished and static. That aside, Pentapuzzle initially launched in North America only, but RCMADIAX has just revealed when those living in PAL regions will be able to get the game.

The announcement came via Twitter, where it was revealed that the game will come out on 5th May. This was no doubt intentional – considering the theme of 5's going on with this game – but it's nice to see that other countries will finally be given an opportunity to try the game out.

What do you think? Will you be picking this up? North Americans, what did you think of Pentapuzzle? Share your thoughts in the comments below.