Disney Infinity won't be getting another sequel this year, but the existing Disney Infinity 3.0 will continue to get support in the form of new play set packs.

In an official statement, the team behind the series said it had listened to fan feedback before making the decision:

We value our fans and your feedback, and we've heard your requests to extend the life of our Starter Packs loud and clear.

You've asked for a wider variety of content, across a wide variety of brands with each Play Set, and that's what we're committed to delivering.

So, in 2016, we are focusing our development efforts on adding more Play Sets and characters – based on the biggest events coming from Disney this year – to the 3.0 Edition. In other words, if it's happening at The Walt Disney Company, it's happening inside Disney Infinity.

The focus on creating more content for the existing release means that fans of the game will be getting more stuff to play with than ever before:

These new Play Sets will ensure that Disney Infinity 3.0 has the largest collection of content ever released inside a Disney video game.

Despite robust growth, it would appear that certain companies operating in the "toys to life" sector are feeling the pinch. Newcomer Lego Dimensions and Nintendo's amiibo are selling well, but Activision has stated that its Skylanders brand underperformed in 2015, and is expected to struggle in 2016. Disney's decision to not release Infinity 4.0 this year could be an indicating that the series is flagging - or it could suggest that the company is taking a more figure-led approach, like Nintendo with its amiibo.

Meanwhile, Marvel Battlegrounds is the latest play set expansion for the core Infinity game, and brings with it Super Smash Bros.-style action with various superheroes.