It's pretty hard to avoid the news that My Nintendo has launched, and plenty will already be accumulating plenty of points to redeem on goodies. That certainly applies to Platinum Points, which are earned through various one-off activities along with weekly and daily 'missions'.

It seems that former Club Nintendo members in North America are getting an extra treat, however, with multiple members of our team receiving a code that's redeemable for 200 Platinum Points.

My Nintendo email.png

That's a big deal for those eagerly scooping up rewards early on - in our guide for getting started with My Nintendo we pointed out that completing all day one missions can earn you a smidge under the 1000 Platinum Points needed for My Nintendo Picross – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess; this gift from Nintendo of America could take some My Nintendo members well over that threshold.

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an equivalent giveaway as yet in Europe. This UK-based writer had an email promoting the virtues of My Nintendo and providing information, but it didn't include any free points.

If you're in North America and a former Club Nintendo member, however, you should check your email (and its spam folder).