Miitomo has started rather well in Japan, we know this due to the fact it's still (as of 21st March) the leading free app on iPhone, and number two on Android. A number of keen Nintendo fans online may be rolling their eyes at the social app, but Nintendo won't mind too much if the wider public continues to download it in big numbers.

Over the weekend the app's official Twitter account confirmed over one million downloads in its first three days - thanks, John Ricciardi - showing plenty jumped on board right away with the free-to-start download. It's unclear right now whether it's making much money, but with this app Nintendo's goal seems to revolve more around boosting its brand and securing Nintendo Account sign-ups.

Beyond that the official account gave some early status updates on issues reported with the app (an update's already been rolled out) and has retweeted a lot of cat pictures, such as the one below.

Mii Cat

Of course, it wouldn't be a modern connected app without lots of cat pictures flooding the web.

With March now approaching its end we're intrigued to see how well Miitomo does when it launches in the West, any day now...