This month, Nintendo will be releasing its first official app for smart devices in the form of Miitomo, and naturally there's lots of chatter around what it'll be like. Though some were expecting a game, it seems that Miitomo will be a more social experience, centering around interesting facts and questions being shared between people who know each other. It sounds kind of like a social network, but we'll have a full picture when the app goes live next week in Japan.

The announcement came today via Nintendo of Japan's Twitter, where it was revealed that Miitomo will be going live in the region on 17th March. There's still no announcement for the exact date of the launch of the app overseas, but it hopefully won't be too far off.

What do you think? Will Miitomo launch in the west at the same time? Are you looking forward to its launch? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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