The original arcade controller. Those lights!

If you've had the good fortune to have played Pokkén Tournament in its arcade guise then you'll be aware that its controller is festooned with cool-looking LED lights. LED lights make everything look better - it's a fact.

If you've also played the Wii U version with the exclusive Pokkén Pro Pad, then you'll know that this feature is sadly lacking from the domestic peripheral - at least, it is in the final version.

- one of our merry band of "lovely people" - has gotten in touch to say that he's been brave enough to open up his Pokkén controller and has discovered evidence within that suggests it was supposed to have LED lights and rumble support. In the images below you can clearly see where the two force feedback motors would sit, and Mageles points out that the circuit board has "LM" and "RM" printed on it - "Left Motor" and "Right Motor".

He also points out that the transparent red plastic on the bottom of the controller has "dimples" where the LEDs would have been.

Why were these features removed? Presumably to keep costs down, we'd guess. It's still well worth a look if you're seriously into the game - as you can see from Alex's video review below.