Evidently, the old 3DS can't handle this

One of the surprise announcements from the last Nintendo Direct was the revelation that SNES games would be playable on the New 3DS, with the famous "available after this presentation" line being delivered. While many fans were no doubt thrilled to see the classic 16-bit console's games being made available legitimately on a portable for the first time, the announcement raised questions around the New 3DS exclusivity.

Nintendo finally issued a statement regarding the matter, and the reason is one that's been tossed around many times in discussions around the issue. Speaking to Game Informer, a Nintendo representative had this to say:

As previously announced, New Nintendo 3DS has an improved CPU, which enables Super NES games to run on the system with quality results. The Super NES games also include Perfect-Pixel mode, which allows players to see their games in their original TV resolution and aspect resolution.

While the wording does have a bit of dodgy PR speak, it seems that the issue lies with the CPU of the older models.

What do you think? Is Nintendo being completely upfront with this? Have you bought any SNES VC games for your New 3DS yet? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[source gameinformer.com]