The latest update in the 'leaked NX controller' saga is also hopefully the last as a video by hoaxer Frank Sandqvist has appeared on YouTube that explains the production of his impressive fake.

Sandqvist explains that after finding out that the original 'white' Nintendo NX controller leak was merely Photoshopped he thought "it would be funny" if he could take it one step further by creating a physical version using his company's 3D printer.

Whilst we completely dismissed the first fake, things changed when multiple high quality images of Sandqvist's unit surfaced making us think again - it was either going to be real, or a very impressive fake.

Thankfully for the sake of the Internet it was the latter and hopefully everyone can now relax, and this can act as a reminder that anything that appears online between now and E3 is more than likely to be fake.

Sandqvist's creation set the Internet alight, causing Nintendo to trend on Twitter in many regions and spawning an impressively entertaining 209+ page thread on Neogaf.

Are you happy that the 'leaked' images have been confirmed as fake? What do you make of the hoaxer Sandqvist? Let us know in the comments below

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