Elliot Quest

Elliot Quest was an excellent 2D platformer from last year that took lots of inspiration from Kid Icarus and Zelda games. It received an 8/10 here, with minor pacing and technical issues being the only things that really hold it back from perfection. Last year, the game's creator mentioned that a 3DS port was being considered, and it seems that work on it is progressing smoothly, if a bit slowly.

Thomas O'Connor of PlayEveryWare recently took part in an interview with Nintendo Everything to discuss the process of coding and porting the game over to Wii U. Later on, the port to 3DS was discussed; here's what O'Connor had to say about 3DS-exclusive features:

We're still exploring this, both how to best implement the 3D features, and what other changes would be appropriate in this update to the game. We'll be working closely with Ansimuz Games on this, just as we did with the Miiverse Journal and GamePad integration on the Wii U, as the content of the game is his.

In terms of when gamers can expect to see this on their 3DS, it seems that the game will be available sometime late this year:

Things are pretty busy for us, but we're trying to clear out the rest of our schedules so that we can get the 3DS, PS4 and Xbox One releases of Elliot Quest out this year. Right now it's looking like late fall is possible.

What do you think? Would you like to play this game on your 3DS? What did you think of Elliot Quest? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[source nintendoeverything.com]