Pokkén Tournament, the Pokemon fighter developed by Bandai Namco, has now been out on Wii U for a couple of weeks. It's performed relatively well in the chart results that have emerged and helped fill a gap in the console's library.

The priority for any fighting game, of course, is a solid framerate. In our review we praised the buttery smooth 60fps performance in single player - though it drops to 30fps in local multiplayer - though remarked that the visuals can be rather fuzzy and lacking in detail.

Now, in a short analysis, Digital Foundry has reinforced those perspectives with some solid numbers. In general the framerate delivers a largely solid 60 frames, but it's confirmed that the native resolution actually falls slightly short of a full 720p.

In the case of a fighting game it certainly seems like a logical trade-off to sacrifice visual sharpness for smooth performance. If you've been playing this one let us know what you think.