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Devil's Third was one of the most talked-about Wii U releases in the latter half of 2015, for better and for worse, dividing opinion after its long development route that eventually brought it to Nintendo's system. Despite being so many years in the making it was the first game for Valhalla Game Studios, which is led by well-known industry figure Tomonobu Itagaki.

Though the Wii U release was divisive (alongside a free-to-play online-only version for PC), Valhalla has announced a bold move and relocated to push forward with future projects. It's now Valhalla Game Studios International and is opening its HQ in Vancouver, Canada, with subsidiaries in Korea and Japan. The company's business strategy is to target four areas - PC Online Games; Pachinko and Pachislot Machine Content; High Quality, Single-Player Video Games (with Wii U name dropped alongside PS4 and Xbox One as target systems); Mobile Applications. In addition to making games the studio also wants to utilise its own "world-level gaming engine, RUNE (Real Ultimate Ninja Engine)" to boost its business.

The official website certainly outlines an ambitious approach, with the following taken from a lengthy post by Itagaki-san.

Our group has excellent staff who are able to compete in at the top level in the world. We believe this is one of our big advantages. To maximize this advantage, we have transferred our headquarters to Canada. It is better to set a development base in Western countries than Japan in order to gather talented creators scattered from all over the world and I have made a judgment that Vancouver is the most appropriate place for this.

By acquiring a new base for success, which enables us to use our global network, we will produce new games which can give more surprise to the game world. The best warriors gathered at Valhalla will challenge the battlefield in front of us to create exciting games. We will keep producing the best games in the world focusing on entertaining game fans all over the world. I'm in the state of bliss that can sail against this endless challenge.

It'll be fascinating to see what the company produces in the next few years.

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