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While current 3DS sales are rather disappointing, Nintendo's most recent financial reports did bring good news for the Wii U, with the system on track for its targets and outperforming the equivalent sales of the year before.

In Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima's briefing one game's role in this improvement shines above all others - Splatoon. The colourful shooter is showing strong momentum, no doubt greatly helped by regular content updates that ran up to January and online Splatfests; in fact, the most recent Splatfest in Japan drew 690,000 participants in the country, the highest number yet for one of these events. The chart below also shows how Splatoon's momentum is exceeding the equivalent Mario Kart 8 sales, with only launch numbers being lower; if that's maintained it could go on to be the Wii U's leading game in the long term.

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Super Mario Maker is also attributed with a notable role in the Wii U's hardware and software sales momentum, and the slide below gives some neat figures in terms of levels created and played.

SMM sales.jpg

As mentioned above the Wii U's momentum is up in the current year, with the charts below showing how sales have been improved. We're still talking about very humble numbers overall, to add some context, but it's positive news nevertheless.

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Some positives for Wii U, then, and with some high profile games on the way - in addition to The Legend of Zelda getting its 2016 release window back - there's hope that the system will continue to improve its sales.

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