Conker is one of Rare's most iconic characters, largely because he's a complete subversion of everything a cute, platforming mascot should be. Originally conceived as your typical fluffy hero, Conker only really found fame when Chris Seavor - he of Rusty Pup fame - took the character and turned him on his head, creating Conker's Bad Fur Day, one of the N64's funniest and most unique offerings. A title packed with crude humour and amazing surprises, it was remastered on the Xbox when Microsoft acquired Rare, but - outside of Project Spark - the character has been criminally underused since.

Rare and Microsoft are now giving Conker a new lease of life, but sadly it's not in a way that dedicated fans will have expected. A new video showing off Microsoft's HoloLens headset shows "Young Conker" (presumably because "Old Conker" would have spent the entire duration turning the air blue and fighting massive talking turds) dashing around a living room in an attempt to illustrate the potential of the augmented reality gaming.

Even Seavor himself - who supplied the voice over for the clip - is a little lost for words:

The end result is certainly interesting from a technical perspective, and makes us wish that Nintendo had made more use of the 3DS console's AR properties. However, we're constantly distracted by the fact that Conker looks like he's been stretched on a torture rack.