Pilotwings is a series that, after capturing hearts on Super NES, has failed to establish itself fully as a franchise. There was Pilotwings 64, and then after a long wait there was Pilotwings Resort, a 3DS launch title that took placed in and around Wuhu Island from Wii Sports Resort. Like some other much-loved Nintendo IPs, it's struggled to stay in flight after a promising take-off.

It could have been rather different, though, as Factor 5 - the studio that did an amazing job with Star Wars: Rogue Squadron games, in particular - was once particularly keen to make a Pilotwings game for GameCube. It was much rumoured at the time, though details were sketchy and - with the decline of its target system playing a part - it ended up on the cutting room floor.

There is an interesting story behind it, though, and Nintendo Life contributor and friend Liam Robertson has published an Unseen64 episode about this game on his YouTube channel. He spoke to those involved and learned more about the bold concept Factor 5 had for a Pilotwings game, and why it ultimately fell through.

Check it out below.