My hands! Look what they did to my hands!

Wales Interactive's intriguing cyber-thriller Soul Axiom has been on our radar for what seems like forever. The spiritual sequel to the studio's previous title Master Reboot, it features a unique artstyle and an interesting futuristic storyline which looks to combine the best bits of Tron, The Lawnmower Man and many other similar sci-fi epics.

Set in the digital world of Elysia, the aim is to collect unique powers in order to solve puzzles by manipulating the world around you. 15 hours of gameplay are promised across 40 environments, and multiple endings should maintain your interest long after the credits have rolled.

While Wales Interactive had originally hoped to release the game on all formats last year, it ended up slipping into 2016. The Steam version launches on Monday, with the console editions - and yes, that still includes Wii U - coming later. The new launch trailer is featured below, and gives us perhaps the most complete picture yet of the game's gripping visual style and potentially harrowing plot.

Have a watch and let us know if you're still looking forward to playing this on your Wii U.