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In the past week Nintendo revealed its Q3 financial results, which brought a dip in profit and some slightly concerning sales figures. Overall, however, investors seemed to keep the faith while Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima kept most cards closely to his chest in the accompanying President's Briefing.

The official English translations from the investor Q & A are now available, and they're short on concrete information but full of interesting comments and pointers from Kimishima-san.

One investor question, inevitably, raised the matter of 'Nintendo-Like' profits, requesting an example of a key driver that'll see handsome reported returns come the start of April 2017; Kimishima-san focused on the two most obvious upcoming profit drivers.

The previous and current fiscal years have been a period of preparation to launch a number of new endeavors, such as NX development, development for smart devices and business using our character IP, in addition to driving our Wii U and Nintendo 3DS businesses. At the same time, it has been our priority to take a close look at areas of our existing business where the revenue and expenses had become unbalanced, and to make sure that we corrected this balance. As I have said before, we will be launching many of our new business activities as we move from this fiscal year into the next.

When you start any new business, it is important to make the public aware of what you will be doing. In the next fiscal year, we will have to make preparations and investments to achieve these goals, and that comes with certain costs.

The question was to pick one area with which we will be able to achieve Nintendo-like profits, but I would like to suggest two areas. One area is our NX business, and another is our business for smart devices. I believe that keeping these two endeavors on track will be key to achieving Nintendo-like profits. I don't have any further details to share about the next fiscal year at this time, but we will explain about our plan and when we will aim to achieve Nintendo-like profits at a future date.

That serves as a reminder that NX is expected before the end of March 2017, with a popular consensus online - at present - being that the hardware will arrive in some form in time for the Holiday season this year. Highlighting it as key to profits for the next financial year helps to reinforce that impression.

It's also worth noting that it was emphasized that the QoL (Quality of Life) sleep sensor is currently off the agenda for a commercial release, but the area is still in Nintendo's plans.

I would also like to touch on the QOL (Quality of Life) program today. We do not feel that we are currently at a stage where we can commercialize a product that deals with sleep and fatigue, so we are not planning to launch any products in this area in the fiscal year ending in March 2016. However, we do believe there is potential in the QOL sector, so we will continue to consider further development in this area.

It's little surprise that NX and multiple mobile releases - including Pokémon Go, presumably, are high on Nintendo's agenda. Here's hoping they deliver success for the company.