Those who have been following Nintendo Life for a while should already know that we are currently in a milestone year during which I said it was time to "shake things up", so here we are, the new website in all its glory. Yes, you might need to adjust your eyes, but we're sure you'll settle in soon.

What's New?

The first thing you'll notice is that we've completely reworked the design of the site - however we've worked hard to keep things looking familiar, so you should be able to move around like before without much hassle.

We've also vastly improved the mobile experience of the site and gone are the different mobile/desktop templates - everything should now adapt to whatever device you are using.

Along with the new 'tile'-based layout you can also switch the style to a more familiar 'list' view if you prefer it.

Goodbye channels, Hello topics

Your personalised topics on the left menu and your user account and notifications on the right menu

The previous version of the website was segmented into "channels", these were ordinarily platform specific. We've ditched those in favour of more flexible "topics" that could be anything from a system (eg. Wii U), a series of games (eg. Legend of Zelda), character or subject (eg. cosplay).

These topic areas will pull in all the relevant content we have for that subject, you can also "follow" your favourite topics which will populate your own personalised menu (accessed via the icon top left of the screen).

We're going to be adding more and more topics over time, feel free to suggest ones you think would be useful.

User Game Ratings

Why don't you go and rate all your games?

Yes, finally you can rate games that are in your games collection.

It's been a long time coming, but no longer will you need to write "I thought it was a 9" in the comment box - simply visit your games collection or a game profile page and select the number of stars.

We'll soon encourage everyone with a games collection to rate all of their games and we'll start to find out which games you the readers love the most.

Exciting, right? The user profiles have also had a makeover.

Videos, Photos, Artwork, Events

We've also created some new content sections which we hope you'll enjoy - not only will these sections be filled with content created by Nintendo Life, but we'll also be bringing together the best from around the web and social media.

We also want you to be involved, so all of these sections allow you to submit content you think others will enjoy, just look out for the submit forms. Once we've checked the content and tagged it up it'll be available for all to see.


Zelda Merch anyone?

The final new section is our store, which we know is a little light on content at the moment. We're going to be adding more and more cool products that we find.

We all love a bit of Nintendo merchandise (official or not) and want to build a library of the best the web has to offer. If you come across any cool products on your travels please submit them so we can tell everyone about it.

We hope to expand this section of the website a lot over the coming months.

Oh, is that it?

There are many more changes, far too many to write up in this news story. However, we'd like to point out that this is just the first update to the site for 2016, we have many (many) more features that will be gradually added to the site over the coming months.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the new site, we know it's still a little rough around the edges in places but we'll be fixing everything that gets reported over the coming days and weeks.

If you'd like to report an issue or give us some (structured) feedback please contact us.

Happy Gaming!

~ Anthony