Image: Nintendo

Nintendo's latest financial results and briefings to investors brought dropping profits and very few new details. Yet release information for Miitomo and the My Nintendo account service, combined with a call for investor patience, have seemingly done the job.

We've seen Nintendo share value take dives in the past after underwhelming financial results, but many investors seem to be reserving judgement until more smartphone apps and NX have been shown to the world. The promises of a 'well-known' IP for Nintendo's next iOS / Android release, along with Pokémon Go and a total of five DeNA titles due by the end of March 2017, have all no doubt helped many to hold their nerves.

The first full day of trading following Nintendo's Q3 reports brought a small dip of 1.69% in share value to 16,885 Yen, which follows another small dip after a year-high value on 1st February.

Nintendo share value.png
Image: Bloomberg

With March bringing Miitomo and My Nintendo accounts, and with the year-end briefings being due in May, we'll see whether investors keep the faith in the coming weeks and months.