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The Splatoon Splatfest events have been a fun regular addition to the outstanding shooter, though the upcoming Pokémon Red and Blue showdown is arguably the best yet. With the Pokémon anniversary around the corner it's perfectly timed and will also likely be extremely close - one Nintendo UK poll on Twitter for choosing sides was split 51/49.

If you want to choose a side you need to do so very soon, as the start times per region are below - it'll be the usual 24 hours for the event.

North America

10pm Pacific (19/02) / 1am Eastern (20/02) until 10pm Pacific (20/02) / 1am Eastern (21/02)


4am UK / 5am CET (20/02) until 4am UK / 5am CET (21/02)

In a cool change reflecting the particular buzz for this Splatfest, it's been confirmed that global results will all be announced at the same time - hat tip to Perfectly Nintendo - which converts to the following times.

North America

11pm Pacific (20/02) / 2am Eastern (21/02)


7am UK / 8am CET (21/02)

It should be a fascinating battle to see which gen 1 title comes out on top - which team will you be fighting for?

Which Pokémon side will you join for the Splatfest? (548 votes)

  1. Pokémon Red43%
  2. Pokémon Blue53%
  3. Pokémon Green (Japan only)4%