Looking good

Not so long ago, we asked if you knew where your Wii Balance Board was. After the runaway success of Wii Fit, millions of these peripherals were sold worldwide, only to be shoved into a cupboard after the allure of keeping healthy via video games inevitably waned.

Nintendo's attempt to revive the game via the Wii U wasn't as successful as it hoped, which would suggest that there are still a great many Balance Boards out there either gathering dust or being used to prop open doors.

The guys at Braille Skateboarding clearly thought this was a bit of a tragic waste, as they decided to see if Nintendo's hardware could double as a skateboard. As you might imagine, this theoretical stupid idea ended being a stupid idea in reality, with the bulky board proving to be no match for the real thing.

Even so, the unlucky individual tasked with testing this notion still managed to pull off some half decent moves, as you can see from the video below.

[source gonintendo.com]