It's no secret that former UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey is a video game fanatic - just watch her workout in a Pikachu onesie - so it comes as no surprise that the "baddest woman on the planet" revealed that she'd want to star as Metroid's Galactic bounty hunter, Samus Aran, in a video game movie.

In an interview with GameSpot, the mixed martial artist was asked what movie based on a video-game she'd like to be the star of, to which she responded:

I've always wanted to be Samus. That would be badass. I love how people found out later that it was a hot chick on the inside. And then most of the day you're in a suit, so you can just hang out and eat donuts and be the star of Metroid. I hope they make a movie out of that.

What do you make of Rousey's comments? Does her previous movie work make her a feasible choice in a Metroid movie which will - let's be honest - probably never happen? She's certainly got the athletic ability!