Here's to many more!

Platinum Games is a popular studio that has developed a strong reputation for crafting excellent action games. Though its involvement with Nintendo hardware was initially slim, it brought The Wonderful 101 to the Wii U, and later, Nintendo stepped in and ensured the development of Bayonetta 2 would be completed. Now, the studio is working on Nintendo's upcoming Star Fox Zero, along with a few other projects for other platforms.

Tatsuya Minami – the President and CEO – recently wrote a blog post reminiscing over how far the company has come in its relatively short time. As he points out, the studio initially didn't have any recognition, but they have crafted quite a reputation and name for themselves. Here's an excerpt:

We released our first title in 2009. We used the publicity for that product to introduce ourselves to the world, and by the time the game was on shelves, we'd finally managed to establish a clear profile as a company. I strongly feel that we are still able to take our straightforward stance towards game development today thanks to a decade of support from the many fans who play our games. I am very grateful to all of you for this support.

Also, Yong-hee Cho – an artist at Platinum Games - made the image at the top of the article for the occasion, and it's available in multiple sizes.

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