Outside the Realm.png

Complaints about pricing on the Wii U eShop can - on occasion - be valid, but those looking to spend very few dollars on their games aren't short of options. With Unity and Nintendo Web Framework support the store has opened up to a host of new developers that are keen to offer budget experiences, with mixed results overall.

TreeFall Studios is one such studio, which attracted quite a lot of attention for debut release The Letter but has, with subsequent releases, been working on and releasing various projects in other genres. Its latest effort is Outside the Realm, which uses touch-based puzzles on the GamePad along with some side-scrolling sections.

It's due in North America on 11th February and may also have the honour of the lowest launch price we've seen. Though its regular price will be $1.99, it'll be just $0.49 over its launch weekend. Whether that sub-dollar price will drive a high volume of sales (with admittedly tiny revenues per copy) will be interesting to see, but it's part of an established trend on the home console's store for games under $2.

You can see a trailer for Outside the Realm below.