Legend of Kusakari.png

Nnooo is a developer and publisher with a solid record on Nintendo systems, with escapeVektor on the 3DS eShop perhaps being its standout release to date. Its latest title - Blast 'Em Bunnies - is also rather close, recently confirmed for an 11th March release in Europe and North America.

The Australian studio is busy as a publisher as well as in development, though, and has confirmed a new title that it's bringing to the 3DS in the West. This time it's Legend of Kusakari by Librage, which has just been announced and will be playable at GX Australia in the coming weekend.

It has a rather cute action / puzzle concept, apparently spread across 50+ levels - you're scything grass to enable a real hero to fight foes, rather like being the unseen wing-man to Link. It could certainly be fun for a bit of dip-in portable play.

The announcement trailer is below but, be warned, for some reason it has a bizarrely loud and out-of-tune trumpet blasting across the music.