Chronicles of Time.jpg

Tribute albums play a notable part in the enthusiast gaming scene as talented musicians get together to celebrate their favourite games. Often not-for-profit ventures, they help breath new life into classics while tapping into lovely, fuzzy nostalgia.

Chronicles of Time seems to tick all of those boxes - it's a 75-track (5 disc) album that remixes and pays tribute to Chrono Trigger. In a cool touch each 'disc' represents a different time era from the game.

  1. Prehistory (Rock, Fun, Primal)
  2. Antiquity (Synthesized, Adventurous, Magical)
  3. Middle Ages (Natural, Worldly, Gentle)
  4. Present (Jazz, Soulful, Dance)
  5. Apocalyptic Future (Metal, Destruction, Dramatic)

In the US it costs $20 from iTunes and Loudr, though you can pay more on the latter if you want to do so - that's not the worst idea if you're a fan, either, as proceeds from the album go to Doctors Without Borders.

This seems like a hugely impressive fan project, with various skilled musicians, arrangers and bands coming together. You can see a trailer for the album below - let us know if you're tempted to pick it up.