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Fans of dungeon crawling roguelikes, especially those with a retro vibe, have another release to look forward to on both the Wii U and 3DS eShop. Quest of Dungeons is the work of Upfall Studios, with the developer confirming to us that it's now in development in-house for both of Nintendo's current-gen systems.

Previously released on PC / Mac / Linux and Xbox One, this one has the choice of four character classes, with the key challenge being to tackle randomly generated dungeons, accumulate loot and then boost your abilities. The following description is from its Steam (PC) page.

By playing as either a Warrior, a Wizard, a Assassin or a Shaman you have to traverse dungeons, defeat enemies and loot everything you can in order to survive. You can learn new skills in Tomes you find along the way and buy/sell items at shops.

The entire game is procedural so you won't find items/enemies in the same place each time you play.


  • Procedural dungeons
  • Procedural weapons
  • Boss encounters
  • Quests
  • 3 Difficulty levels
  • Permadeath - Once you die, game over man, game over!
  • Shop - buy and sell items/weapons
  • Leaderboards - compare your Adventure points with the community

There's no estimated release date yet, but the man behind Upfall Studios - David Amador - has provided some concept screenshots; these are shots of the relevant versions running (albeit imposed onto hardware templates) so give you an idea of how it'll look.

Quest of Dungeons Wii U.png
Quest of Dungeons 3DS.png

Below is the Xbox One trailer from its release last year. Is this a project you'll be following closely for Wii U and 3DS?