React retro music.png

We all like talking about games, otherwise we wouldn't be here, but not everyone actively pays attention to and discusses video game music. We're often aware of it when it's so fantastic that it's impossible to ignore, but it can often be overlooked just how important audio is to any gaming experience.

For some retro gamers, meanwhile, you can't beat a bit of chiptune music, soundtracks from the days when talented composers and coders worked within stingy limitations and crude sound chips to produce some of the most memorable music in popular culture. We like a bit of big band or orchestral music here at Nintendo Life, which the big N has utilised with some style in recent years, but the simple thrill of NES and SNES music is still ever-present.

Thankfully, it seems ears of various ages appreciate great music, regardless of the technology it comes from. That's the impression we get from the latest React video in which the channel's cast of teens try and identify classic video game music, in any case. Nintendo games feature, of course, and it's rather reassuring that some of these tracks - perhaps thanks to modern day remixes - are still familiar to younger gamers. It turns out music that was awesome in the mid '80s to '90s is still, well, awesome.

Also, as a warning there are a few swear words in this video - they are teenagers, after all.