While many work on emulators to boost resolutions of retro systems, genuine hardware mods are arguably the truest way to enjoy older games with a crisper, clearer picture. With that in mind we're always interested in mods that can apply a digital HDMI output to retro consoles and, as a result, improve the image and make them sparkle.

We've got our hands on a GameCube HDMI mod which does just that, providing that switch to a digital output and also offering some other options. We're planning to produce a few videos on the topic, but until then you can read more details here and on its product page. It's a physical hardware mod, so you're still playing the original game discs on the correct hardware.

Our video man Alex has naturally chosen Super Smash Bros. Melee as an early game to try out with the mod. He'll be analysing it in more detail soon but, for now, check out Melee looking its best on GameCube hardware.