Rare's prolific N64 output is the stuff of legend, but one title tends to stand out from the rest, primarily because it was such a curve-ball at the time that it took the entire gaming world by surprise.

Prior to the release of GoldenEye 007, two things were true: licenced James Bond games had been pretty forgettable and consoles had struggled to match PCs when it came to gripping and original FPS titles. Rare's release changed all of that overnight, delivering not only one of the best first-person shooters of the period, but also rehabilitating Bond's standing with gamers.

GoldenEye 007's legacy is keenly felt today - the regard in which it is held is reflected by the fact that it has recieved two "semi-sequels" in the form of GoldenEye: Rogue Agent and the 2010 remake, both of which featured no involvement from Rare and were pretty transparent attempts to cash-in on the legendary reputation of the 1997 offering.

Thankfully, fans like Jude Wilson are paying tribute in a more suitable manner. Wilson - a 3D game artist and Masters student at Sheffield Hallam University - has used Unreal Engine 4 to painstakingly recreate the iconic facility stage from the N64 release. The video features no gameplay but is rather a tour of the level, and looks absolutely stunning.

So stunning in fact, that former Rare staffers have picked up on it, including composer Grant Kirkhope:

Kirkhope's seal of approval was followed by that of Martin Hollis, the designer of the original N64 game:

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