Rex up the joint

As we all know, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has parted ways with Konami, which means that we're unlikely to see another "true" Metal Gear title, despite plans by the publisher to continue the franchise without its founder.

If such a realisation leaves you feeling a bit blue, then cast your eyes over the trailer for Shadow Moses, a fan-made remake of the first Metal Gear Solid title from 1998, named after the Alaskan nuclear weapon disposal facility which provides the backdrop for the game.

Built entirely in Unreal Engine 4 and produced without Konami's input or permission, the project is an attempt to bring the classic title - which was remade for the GameCube in 2004 as The Twin Snakes - bang up to date.

Several famous locations are shown in the footage, including the office where Solid Snake fights Psycho Mantis and the long, thin passageway where Sniper Wolf takes pot-shots at our hero. Snake is briefly shown as well, as is another pivotal character - the cybernetic ninja who stalks you through much of the game.

Airam Hernandez is the person behind this magic, and he stresses that the video is very much a work in progress. How much progress he will be allowed to make remains to be seen; the project has been public since last year but Konami has so far passed no comment.

We can't imagine that the publisher will allow such a game to see release, even if Hernandez isn't looking for financial reward for his efforts - but you never know. Perhaps it will let this one slide to atone for its mistreatment of Kojima?