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Every week we post the European and North American Nintendo Download Updates, the first on a Monday and the latter on a Thursday. The regional subsidiaries match up with some releases, but the Virtual Console is one area where they each follow their own path. North American Wii U owners, in particular, have been unhappy about some titles yet to be released in the region that have already graced European systems.

Well, the weekly demand for one particular title looks set to end. Metroid: Zero Mission seems to be coming in this week's update (14th January) in North America, with the Game Boy Advance title coming at the $7.99 price tag. That said, you should treat this as 95% likely, as early game page listings like this have occasionally been incorrect.

In any case, it should be a popular arrival. This is very much a retooling / remaster of the original NES Metroid; it's certainly a lot more than a straight remake. At the time it won hearts for taking the source material and modernising it with updated controls, visuals, areas and general design - we loved it in our review of the European release.

Are any of you in North America planning to pick this up?

With thanks to Daniel Bristow for the heads up.

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