The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is one of the most notable releases in the first half of this year, bringing the GameCube / Wii title into the high-definition era with some amiibo support thrown in. It should provide a decent start to the year's 30th Anniversary celebrations for the franchise.

Though boxart for the amiibo bundle edition has been kicking around for some time, now the actual disc art has popped up online. The European art is following the lead of the Japanese equivalent, while in North America there's a brighter design, which reminds us a little of Skyward Sword. Check them out below.

North America




Famitsu has also run a feature on the game that, ultimately, brought very little new detail. The only snippet of something new that's been picked up is a suggestion in the screen below that the Lake Hylia area has less Tears of Light to collect - there are 15 at the equivalent point in the GameCube / Wii original, but only 11 on Wii U.


This writer will be perfectly happy having less to collect in these sections, but it's all about opinions.

Are you starting to feel the hype for Twilight Princess HD?

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