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Now, we didn't pull punches in our assessment of Devil's Third, awarding it 5/10 (average) in our review largely thanks to the ambitious online component, with the solo campaign faring less well. That said, we did try to consider some of its positives, and for benevolent gamers that can look past flaws it offers some harmless (albeit potentially pricey) fun.

Its North American release on 11th December passed with zero fanfare from Nintendo of America, however, with the subsidiary even burying it low down in its official Download Update press release. It seems that the lack of enthusiasm for the game at NoA has extended to a lack of retail stock, as it's rapidly sold out across major retailers. While there's undoubtedly been some enthusiastic take-up from fans, it does seem as if very few copies were available in the first place; we've checked Walmart, Amazon US, GameStop and Target, all without any copies online at the time of writing.

Amazingly, this game is now generating its own pricey market on eBay. At the time of writing there are over 20 listings for the North America versions that are demanding anything between $150 and much more, with some optimistically looking for over $400. Some are paying, though, as this seller has shifted a copy for $199.99. For a fairly mediocre game that even has a free-to-play PC version on the way, that's scarcely believable.

The eBay sellers are clearly tapping into the desires of collectors, primarily. The game can be bought for $59.99 on the eShop in the US, and copies of the European version, in particular, can be found at a cost little more than a cinema ticket with some online searches. These inflated values in North America are the result of stock shortages, plain and simple, and bring to mind the madness of early and under-stocked amiibo waves.

We have asked Nintendo of America for comment on this, and will update the article should we receive a response.

Thanks to Paul Lind for the heads up.

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